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  Transplantation Apps That Support Clinical Studies

The app universe has a new constellation of post-transplantation resources, giving users access to data, articles, and visuals on the fly. Great for instant reference at home or in clinical settings, these apps offer everything from cell visualization to drug databases. One even offers a donor risk index calculator. And, they’re inexpensive – normally $1.99 through iTunes or free via download from medical web sites. Created mostly for the iPhone® and iPad®, they’re ideal for showing graphs or published research to support clinical studies. Below we list some noteworthy apps to check out.

  1. Renal Transplant – iPad, iPod® touch or iPhone – $2.99. Covers immunosuppression, treatment of rejection, medications and standards of care. Developed by DiGiApps and the University of Wisconsin Department of Renal Transplantation.
    Download at
  2. Epocrates® – iPhone, iPod touch, Android®, Palm® webOS, BlackBerry®, Windows Mobile, Online – Free to $269, depending on the version. Database of drugs, diseases and lab information.
    Download at
  3. American Journal of Transplantation – iPad, iPhone, Android, Palm webOS, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile – Free. Offers a database of AJT article abstracts. 
    Download at,186140,186139,187615,186141,186142,186143
  4. Journal of the American Society of Nephrology – iPad, iPad touch or iPhone – Free. An archive of JASN abstracts. Download at
  5. Liver Transplantation – iPad, Android, Blackberry, iPhone – Free. Article abstracts, guidelines, upcoming events, and free content from the journal of the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases.
    Download at
  6. CD Antigens Information Finder – iPad, iPad touch or iPhone – Free. Offered by Wiley Publishing, this app is a database of CD and cell surface antigens with a detailed description of each.
    Download at
  7. Mendeley – Desktop, iPad, iPhone – Free. Mendeley is a journal article indexing program. Register for free on and download the program to the desktop. Import PDFs into the program, and Mendeley automatically indexes and organizes them based on metadata within the PDF file. Then download the free iPad or iPhone app, login and have mobile access to all your desktop PDF articles.
    Download at
  8. Kidney Transplant Donor Risk Index Calculator – iPhone, iPod touch, iPad – Free. Determines the donor risk index as defined by Rao et al, (2009). Donor attributes and transplant attributes are included.
    Download at
  9. eGFR – iPad – $1.99. Many nephrologists use this app; it calculates a patient’s estimated Glomerular Filtration Rate (GFR).
    Download at

Clearly, mobile apps are business support tools that produce a wealth of references, illustrations and current research. However, they can also serve as internal training resources that enrich knowledge and educate new and seasoned sales staff. On the road, in a hotel room or in transit, your team can ace an important clinical appointment with the touch of an icon.



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