Announcing the Launch of One Lambda SmartType

Obtain accurate genotyping results quickly with One Lambda SmartType, a real-time PCR-based assay. This assay provides both a high degree of selectivity through target-specific amplification and broad DNA allele coverage capabilities of up to three target measurements per well.

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LABScreen® Single Antigen Supplements

LABScreen Single Antigen kits are effective tools for detecting HLA antibodies, both pre- and post-transplantation. Now with our expanded coverage kits you have the power to develop even more complete antibody profiles for your patients.

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Tips for Using This Website

With a clean look, simplified navigation, and website search, you will find what you need quickly. Of course, every change requires some getting used to, so let us help you find the product and documentation you need fast and easy...

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NGS Based Genotyping with Fast Turnaround

NXType NGS workflow is a complete NGS solution that gives you the power to perform first pass, high-resolution genotyping within 3 days. As the leader in HLA for over 30 years, we provide excellent training workshops and unmatched customer support.

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Are you in compliance with the new AABB standard for TRALI mitigation?

As the leader in HLA for over 30 years, One Lambda has antibody screening assays that can help your lab meet and exceed the new standard.

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E-Notice: LABType Packaging Change

We are upgrading the packaging of our LABType kits...

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