April 1, 2016

LABScreen® Single Antigen Supplements

Need to Build Better Patient Antibody Profiles in Both Pre- and Post-Transplantation?


For over ten years, our LABScreen Single Antigen kits have been effective tools for detecting HLA antibodies, both pre- and post-transplantation. Now with our expanded coverage kits you have the power to develop even more complete antibody profiles for your patients.


Run the LABScreen Single Antigen Supplement kits alongside the LABScreen Single Antigen kits to significantly extend coverage in every category for Class I and Class II Single Antigens. Use both kits to provide greater consistency in allele coverage across our antibody product lines, including FlowPRA and LABScreenPRA.


The tables below show the full coverage provided by the LABScreen Single Antigen Supplement kits.


Specificity Coverage


A1 | A*01:02
A2 | A*02:05
A2 | A*02:07
A2 | A*02:10
A2 | A*02:18
A3 | A*03:02
A26 | A*26:02
A26 | A*26:03


B7 BW6 | B*07:14
B62 BW6 | B*15:04
B62 BW6 | B*15:06
B62 BW6 | B*15:07
B63 BW4 | B*15:17
B71 BW6 | B*15:18
B62 BW6 | B*15:20
B75 BW6 | B*15:21
B62 BW4 | B*15:24
B62 BW6 | B*15:27
B27 BW4 | B*27:04
B27 BW4 | B*27:06
B35 BW6 | B*35:02
B35 BW6 | B*35:03
B35 BW6 | B*35:08
B35 BW6 | B*35:12
B38 BW4 | B*38:02
B39 BW6 | B*39:02
B39 BW6 | B*39:04
B39 BW6 | B*39:05
B39 BW6 | B*39:06
B39 BW6 | B*39:13
B61 BW6 | B*40:03
B61 BW6 | B*40:04
B4005 BW6 | B*40:05
B41 BW6 | B*41:02
B42 BW6 | B*42:02
B48 BW6 | B*48:02
B45 BW6 | B*50:02
B55 BW6 | B*55:02
B55 BW6 | B*55:04
B56 BW6 | B*56:03


CW1 C*01:03
CW2 C*02:10
CW4 C*04:03
CW7 C*07:01
CW7 C*07:04
CW8 C*08:02
CW8 C*08:03
CW8 C*08:04
CW12 C*12:02
CW14 C*14:03
CW15 C*15:05
CW16 C*16:02
CW17 C*17:03
CW18 C*18:01

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