Real-Time PCR-Based Genotyping

A Complete Real-Time PCR Genotyping Solution


Obtain accurate genotyping results quickly with One Lambda SmartType, a real-time PCR-based assay. This assay provides both a high degree of selectivity through target-specific amplification and broad DNA allele coverage capabilities of up to three target measurements per well. The SmartType workflow was developed for use on the QuantStudio™ Dx Real-Time PCR System1.


SmartType’s simple workflow features automated sample reading through HLA Fusion™ Beta Software to provide genotyping results with minimal hands-on time.


Features & Benefits

One Lambda SmartType features a gel-free, easy-to-follow workflow that requires minimal hands-on time. Go from purified DNA to results in just 70 minutes.






1One Lambda SmartType RUO workflow has been validated on multiple real-time PCR instruments including QuantStudio™ 6, QuantStudio™ 7 and Viia™ 7. QuantStudio™ 5 and Roche LighCycler™ are under evaluation.