Thinking About TRALI Mitigation?

LABScreen® Multi is the only IVD assay that allows you to screen for HLA and HNA3.

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Build Better Antibody Profiles

Specific and reliable detection of complement binding antibodies using C1qScreen™.

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Concerned about AMR with Non-HLA Antibodies?

The AT1R assay recognizes anti-AT1R antibodies.

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It's Coming! NGS Typing With A Quick Turnaround...

NXType™ Sequencing-Based HLA Typing for typing results in less than 4 days!

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Tradeshow Events

Are you going to EFI?

April 26 - 29, 2015 | Geneva, Switzerland

One Lambda will attend and host a symposium at EFI in Geneva. Learn more about our planned activities.

Educational Workshops

Want to learn more about LABType™, LABScreen™, and HLA Fusion™ software?

May 5 - 8, 2015 | Canoga Park, USA

Earn CEC's and learn how to troubleshoot difficult samples, comprehend MFI's and cut-offs, utilize virtual crossmatching, and so much more.

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