Create a More Complete Patient Profile

LABScreen® Single Antigen Supplement kits significantly extend antigen coverage

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Ion Torrent S5

Coming this Summer…

NXType NGS Assays on the Ion S5 System delivers simplicity, increased speed, and shorter time-to-results.

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The Only FDA Cleared IVD Test for Detecting HNA-3

Make LABScreen® Multi a part of your TRALI risk mitigation strategy.

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Build Better Antibody Profiles

Specific and reliable detection of complement binding antibodies using C1qScreen™.

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Concerned about AMR with Non-HLA Antibodies?

The AT1R assay recognizes anti-AT1R antibodies.

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Featured Tradeshow

ASHI 42nd Annual Meeting

Sep. 26 - 30, 2016 | Missouri USA

Mark you calendars! We will be hosting two symposia along with our annual ASHI party. View the event page for the dates and times of these events.

Featured Workshop

European Customer NGS Workshop

October 18, 2016 | Germany

Join us in Germany for our NGS workshop. This program will feature presentations and hands-on training on One Lambda's NGS workflow, using the NXType™ reagent kit on the Ion S5 System.

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