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Mismatched HSCT

Webinar: HLA Mismatched HSCT - New Opportunities and New Barriers (Recorded)

Annette M. Jackson Ph.D., D(ABHI) | Director, Immunogenetics Laboratory of the John Hopkins University

PGM Demonstration

Webinar: TRALI Mitigation (Recorded)

Evaluation of the Microbeads Assay LABScreen Multi for Granulocyte Antibody Detection to Improve te Preventions of TRALI


Undine Schulz, Ph.D. | EFI Director, HLA Laboratory of the German Red Cross Blood Donor Service


NXType NGS Solution

Introducing NXType — the first complete NGS solution including HLA genotyping assays, sequencing platform, analysis software, and single-source support.

PGM Demonstration

Ion Personal Genome Machine System

Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) turns chemical information directly into digital information in a massively parallel way. Take a virtual tour of Ion Torrent’s Personal Genome Machine (PGM), to see the technology used in sequence samples amplified with the NXType HLA Typing Kit.


LABScan3D Advanced Multiplex Analyzer

Designed to provide breakthrough performance, higher throughput and new definitions to transplant diagnostics, the LABScan3D is the most advanced Luminex-based flow analyzer. 

LABScan3D Demonstration

LABScan3D Interactive Demonstration

The LABScan3D flow analyzer offers an unprecedented level of analyte detection, capable of multiplexing up to 500 bead regions. Take a virtual tour of the machine to see how its dual syringe pumps and reagent reservoirs offer high throughput testing and faster turnaround times.


LABXpress Pipettor for Automated Productivity with Walk-Away Capability

Looking for fast high-throughput testing, or just need to simplify and automat your laboratory's workflow? With the LABXpress Pipettor, technicians can set the program and walk-away to do other lab work.

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