Asian Advanced User Worskhop

November 10, 2015 – November 13, 2015
The Westin Taipei

Join us in Taipei, Taiwan for our 2015 Asian Advanced User Workshop. All case studies and new functionality training will be performed using the HLA Fusion™ 3.4 IVD Software Update.

Why Should You Attend?

This 4-day hands-on workshop will teach participants how to use LABType®, LABScreen®, and HLA Fusion™ software for analysis and reporting, how to troubleshoot difficult samples, comprehend the MFI's and cut-offs, and how to utilize virtual crossmatching. Participants will walk away with a comprehensive understanding of the role that HLA antibodies play in transplant monitoring.



Tuesday — Using HLA Fusion™ IVD Software

9:00 AM
Welcome & Introduction


9:15 AM
System Orientation
  • Navigating the User Interface


10:00 AM
Utility Settings
  • General Settings


10:30 AM
Morning Break


11:00 AM
Utility Settings (continued)
  • Data Management
  • Sample Management (Hands-on)


12:30 PM
Lunch Break


1:30 PM
Patient Antibody Tracking
  • Patient Management (Hands-on)
  • Antibody Tracking (Hands-on)


3:00 PM
Afternoon Break


3:30 PM
  • Basic Queries
  • Review of all Unique Formats to the Report Module
  • Interactive Session to Create Custom Reports for both LABType and LABScreen


5:00 PM
End of Day