Advanced Flow Cytometry Workshop

July 27, 2016 – July 29, 2016
Midwest Transplant Network | Westwood, Kansas
United States

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Virtual Crossmatch for Kidney paired donation

Why you should attend our HLA Flow Cytometry Workshop...

  • Learn interesting technical tips when doing flow cytometry crossmatching
  • Ever thought of using microtiter trays?


Workshop Topics

  • Principles of Flow Cytometric Crossmatching
  • Optimization of Flow Cytometric Crossmatch Assay: Rapid vs. Standard Protocol, Advancements in Cell Isolation Techniques, Pronase Treatment, Scales and Units, Approach to FCXM Assay Validation
  • Laboratory - Hands-On
  • Set-up Flow Crossmatches - Standard Protocol
  • Acquisition & Analysis Flow Cytometric Crossmatch
  • Discussion & Data Analysis of Flow Crossmatch


Lead Instructors

Cathi Murphey, Ph.D., HCLD/CC(ABB)

Laboratory Director
Southwest Immunodiagnostics, Inc.
San Antonio, Texas

Robert Liwski, MD, PhD,FRCPC 

Medical Director, HLA Typing Laboratory
Queen Elizabeth Health Sciences Center 
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada