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Asia Advanced User Workshop

October 16, 2018 – October 19, 2018
Hyatt Regency Osaka | Osaka

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This workshop will teach participants how to become expert users of LABType®, LABScreen®, and HLA Fusion™ 4.2 Software. Course will focus on newer HLA Fusion functionality and hands-on case studies for difficult samples. Finally, we will conduct a more didactic review of antibodies in transplantation and finish the week with an interactive session on virtual crossmatching.

Program topics include:

  • HLA Fusion 4.2 IVD System Orientation
  • HLA Fusion 4.2 IVD Patient Antibody Tracking
  • Incorporation of HLAMatchmaker in HLA Fusion Software 
  • LABType & LABScreen Analysis Feature Review
  • Case Studies & Software Analysis
  • Antibodies in Transplantation
  • Virtual Crossmatching




Tuesday — Using HLA Fusion™ Software

9:00 AM
Welcome & Introduction


9:15 AM
System Orientation
  • Software activation: Purchase, Download, & License Key
  • Navigating the User Interface


10:00 AM
Utility Settings
  • General Settings


10:30 AM
Morning Break


11:00 AM
Utility Settings (continued)
  • Data Management
  • Sample Management (Hands-on)


12:30 PM
Lunch Break


1:30 PM
Patient Antibody Tracking
  • Patient Management (Hands-on)
  • Antibody Tracking (Hands-on)
  • Incorporation of HLAMatchmaker


3:00 PM
Afternoon Break


3:30 PM
  • Basic Queries
  • Review of all Unique Formats to the Report Module
  • Interactive Session to Create Custom Reports for both LABType and LABScreen


5:00 PM
End of Day

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