One Lambda Webinars

Analyzing One Lambda’s AllType™ NGS Assay using TypeStream™ Visual Software

July 11, 2018   10:00:00 a.m. - 11:30:00 a.m.
United States

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This is an online educational course on analyzing next generation sequencing data from One Lambda’s new AllType NGS Assay using TypeStream Visual NGS Analysis Software. The course will guide participants through an introduction of the software while also providing analytical overviews of various samples including one “Typical Case” and several “Special Cases.”


Guest Speaker


Keith Kurutz

Analyzing One Lambda's AllType NGS Assay using TypeStream Visual Software - Version 1.2

Keith Kurutz
Manager, HLA Field Application Scientists
Transplant Diagnostics Division
Thermo Fisher Scientific | Canoga Park, CA


Topics Included

  • Introduction to TypeStream Visual NGS Analysis Software:
    Design & Feature Review of the soon to be released version 1.2
  • TypeStream Visual Software - A User's Approach to Analysis
  • Sample Analysis of a “Typical Case”
  • Making Use of TypeStream Visual Software’s Tools & Features
  • Sample Analysis of a “Special Case"