How Does the SAP Implementation Affect Me?



On July 10, 2015, One Lambda completed the implementation of a new SAP ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning system) integrating all business operations from production planning to order fulfillment to shipping. One Lambda customers accustomed to the previous system will find that certain aspects of our labels and packing slips have changed, along with a few other related details. We created this FAQ to clarify those changes. If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact our Technical Support team at (818) 449-3220 or (800) 822-8824 EXT 3230.


Common Questions






Do I still get packing slips in advance?


No. Packing slips are only provided with the containers and aren’t provided in advance.




Is there any data that is no longer included on the new labels?


The old product labels included a box number for OLI's internal tracking; the new labels do not.




What is the difference between the Old and New Labels and Packing Slips?


The most noticeable change between the old and the new system is in the way product batch and lot numbers are displayed. Under the old system, these were two separate, three digit numbers. Now, the batch number is a ten-digit number and the lot number is a separate, three digit number. The illustration below shows you where batch, lot and other essential information can be found on labels and packing slips. The summary provides an overview of the information included on each.


› Label Samples

Label Samples


› Packing Slip Samples

Packing Slip Samples


› Overview of Data Included

Chart: Data Comparison



Do I need to recalibrate my barcode scanners to read the new barcode?


The UDI barcode on the new product label is different than the barcode on the old labels. However, this UDI barcode is an industry-standard format which your scanners can probably already read. If you need to reconfigure your scanners and/or system software to read and parse the UDI barcode, there are resources on the web which will help you do so, including the following websites.


› Website Resources



› Barcode Components

Also, please note that the new labels include legible versions of the same data that scanners pick up when they read the barcode.
This includes:

  • (10) GTIN Number
  • (11) Date of Manufacture
  • (17) Expiration Date
  • (91) Catalog ID
  • (10) Dot/Batch Number