Next Generation Sequencing Solution

Experience the speed, scalability, and simplicity of the NXType™ Assay


One Lambda’s complete NGS solution includes a suite of tools to streamline the entire sequencing workflow from library preparation through analysis. 


The new Ion S5™ platform integrates seamlessly into your laboratory, incorporating a number of design innovations that bring both speed and ease of use. With simple setup, fast sequencing and automated analysis, the NXType assay on the Ion S5™ and Ion S5 XL™  Systems takes you from sample to results in less than three days. 


One Lambda NGS Workflow

Ion Chef System  

Catalog #: IONCHEF

The Ion Chef System delivers fast, hands-free automation to the entire template preparation process.

Ion S5 Sequencing Systems

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The new Ion S5™ and S5 XL™ Systems deliver faster sequencing speeds, greater scalability and enhanced performance.

NGS Ancillary Equipment

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NGS ancillary equipment provides the tools required for library and template preparation to facilitate fast, high quality sequencing.