AllSet+™ Gold SSP

Your work in the lab is critical—gel kits designed to give you the results you need.

Discover AllSet+ Gold sequence specific primer (SSP) kits. Allele specific kits result in fewer ambiguities compared to serology or some sequence oligonucleotide (SSO) methods.

A wide selection customized for your typing needs:

  • Direct to higher-resoluiton for all HLA loci
  • Higher-resolution for HLA Class I and Class II loci
  • Low-resolution for HLA Class I and Class II loci, including combination plates for ABC, ABDR, ABDRDQ, and DRDQ

AllSet+™ Gold SSP High-Resolution  

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"For use when high resolution typing of HLA Class II is required and low resolution results are known. Provides allele-level typing results with minimal…

AllSet+™ Gold SSP Low-Resolution

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Ideal for on-call typing, AllSet+ Gold Low-Resolution SSP Kits provide quick low to intermediate typing results of HLA Loci.

DNA Wipe Test

Catalog #: 789991

One Lambda has a variety of ancillary products and reagents optimized for use with AllSet+ Gold and SeCore products.

KIR Genotyping SSP Kit, dry format

Catalog #: 54410D

The KIR Genotyping Kit contains 21 formulations of specific primer sets used to amplify genomic DNA to identify the presence or absence of specific KIR genes as well as common…