One Lambda SmartType™

Fast. Accurate. Simple.


SmartType offers rapid, gel-free, simple and accurate genotyping with qPCR.


Optimized for convenience of use, SmartType assays feature pre-dispensed primer-probe mixes and pre-aliquoted Master vials to bring hands-on time to a minimum. Following an easy setup and a qPCR run of only 50 minutes, typing results are automatically read on HLA Fusion™ Research Software, removing the need for subjective gel-band calls.


With minimal hands-on time and only 70 minutes to obtain results from purified DNA samples, SmartType offers a genotyping workflow that is easier and faster than ever before.


One Lambda SmartType™  

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One Lambda SmartType is a qPCR-based assay that provides intermediate level resolution with a simple workflow and a fast turnaround time.