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Adsorb Out™
A problem arises when sera have a high background level that may prevent detection of a weak positive reaction. Preliminary adsorption of the non-specifically binding material from the serum can reduce or remove the high backgound in a flow cytometry test.

Adsorb Out™ consists of a special preparation of microparticles without any specific antigen coating. The Adsorb Out™ beads remove reactivity to latex beads from test sera with high levels of non-specific binding. Most high background sera show a reduced background fluorescent signal after the adsorption.

For General Laboratory Use.

IgM Positive Control Bead
Comprised of IgM antibodies coated on microbeads, used to indicate that the PE-conjugated anti-human IgM (used as a secondary antibody) reacts properly with human-IgM and gives a strong fluorescent signal. 

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

LABScreen® Negative Control Serum
LABScreen® Negative Control Serum is used to establish the background value for each test batch in the detection of Class I or Class II HLA antibodies. The Negative Control Serum contains a pool of negative sera and works with the coated microbeads of LABScreen® products.

For In Vitro Diagnostic Use.

PE-Conjugated Anti-Human IgM
A secondary antibody reporter used for the detection of human IgM by targeting human IgM antibodies and providing a fluorescent emission detected by a flow analyzer. 

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

PE-Conjugated Goat Anti-Human IgG
PE-Conjugated Goat Anti-Human IgG is required with the LABScreen® tests; however, it must be purchased separately.

For In Vitro Diagnostic Use.

Quantiplex™ Beads
Quantiplex™ Beads consist of a set of Luminex® microbeads with graduated levels of fluorochrome similar to PE. They are reference beads for standardization of the fluorescent signal generated by assays analyzed with the Lambda Array Beads Multi-Analyte System (LABMAS®), which features the LABScan™ 100 flow analyzer for data acquisition and analysis.

For Investigational Use Only.

Adsorb Out IgM PC Bead NC Serum PE-Conj / Quantiplex
Storage Temperature

-65º C or below

-65º or below

-20º C or below

2º to 8º C

Shipping Considerations

Dry Ice

Dry Ice

Dry ice

Cold pack


1 vial in foil bag

1 vial in foil bag

1 vial in foil bag

1 vial in foil

Order Information
- Class N/A -
Product Description Catalog No.
Adsorb Out™ (75 µl) - 25 tests ADSORB
IgM Positive Control Bead - 25 tests IGM-PCB
LABScreen® Negative Control Serum - 20 tests LS-NC (see Controls)
PE-Conjugated Anti-Human IgM
Approx 1000 tests*
PE-Conjugated Goat Anti-Human IgG
Approx 1000 tests*
Quantiplex™ Beads LXQNTPLX



* This may vary from lot to lot, depending upon the titer of the antibody conjugate.
** Refer to product descriptions for FDA use. **
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