Transplant Conferences

Cutting Edge of Transplantation 2018

February 8, 2018 – February 10, 2018
Arizona Biltmore Hotel | Phoenix, Arizona
United States


CEOT 2018 will focus on breaking through these regulatory barriers to unleash the innovation needed to safely address these concerns. Key representatives from the transplant community and these regulatory bodies will participate in an interactive forum to respectfully debate and explore common ground where these advances can be successfully explored in a manner that is safe for patients and does not bring unintended and potentially harmful financial or punitive consequences to transplant programs desiring to think outside of the box.

One Lambda Schedule


Feb 09
7:00 AM
Satellite Breakfast Symposium • Frank Llyod Wright Salon EF

The Molecular Microscope®, Launching the Next Generation of Transplant Diagnostics


The New MMDx Reports; What They Say, What They Mean And How To Use Them

Philip F. Halloran, MD, PhD | Alberta Transplant Applied Genomics Centre

Applying Molecular Diagnostics In Analyzing Renal Allograft Biopsies, The Richmond Experience

Gaurav Gupta, MD | Virginia Commonwealth University

Refining Integrative Diagnostic Standards In Transplantation, The Paris Experience

Alexandre Loupy, MD, Ph.D | Necker Hospital