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Symposium Session of ESOT 2017 Congress

18th Congress of the European Society for Organ Transplantation | Booth 11

September 24, 2017 – September 27, 2017
Venue: Centre de Convencions International de Barcelona | Barcelona


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Sep 25

 Symposium Session of ESOT 2017 Congress • CCIB Level P1, 1st Floor (Room 116)

Precision Medicine in Transplantation: Reclassifying Graft Rejection and Injury with the Molecular Microscope

Conventional diagnostic systems are subjective, opinion-based, and inaccurate. The Molecular Microscope is a centralized diagnostic system that improves upon these short comings by reading human biopsies by their mRNA expression. In doing so, the Molecular Microscope provides a new dimension for disease reclassification, corrects errors in histology, calibrates biomarkers, reveals mechanisms, and ultimately provides uniform assessment of the transplant population. This revolutionary diagnostic advancement in conjunction with integrative DSA phenotyping provides transplant clinicians with next generation capabilities to confidently and effectively treat and monitor transplant patients. This symposium will focus on these groundbreaking approaches to transplant care and will share real world experiences highlighting the benefits of these diagnostic approaches.

John J. Friedewald
John J. Friedewald, MD
Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
Philip F. Halloran
Philip F. Halloran MD, Ph.D
Alberta Transplant Applied Genomics Centre – Edmonton, Canada
Georg Bohmig
Georg Bohmig, MD
Medical University of Vienna – Vienna, Austria
Carmen Lefaucher
Carmen Lefaucher, MD, Ph.D
Paris Transplant Group – Paris, France
Luciano Potena
Luciano Potena, MD, Ph.D
University of Bologna – Bologna, Italy
Andreas Zuckermann
Andreas Zuckermann, MD
Medical University of Vienna – Vienna, Austria
Antoine Roux
Antoine Roux, MD, Ph.D
Foch Hospital – Paris, France

Speakers and presentations are subject to change. Last updated: 2017 Sep 07