A Call for HLA Case Studies


Would you like to present at our 2015 Advanced HLA Technical Workshop in Henderson, Nevada?

If you are a technologist working in a histocompatibility and immunogenetics laboratory in the United States or Canada, we would like to give you the opportunity to present at our 2015 Advanced HLA Technical Workshop in Henderson, Nevada. If you have a case study which you believe would be an interesting presentation, we invite you to submit your case study for a chance to win! 

Case studies should be relevant to the HLA work you do every day in the laboratory. The case studies will be judged by a panel of five HLA professionals (not employed by One Lambda) and the top five winners will be invited to present at our annual workshop. The following criteria will be used to judge all case studies: contribution, innovation, relevance, quality, clarity, completeness, and impact to the transplant clinical field.


  • Technologists must reside in one of the 50 United States, a US Territory or Canada
  • Technologists must be currently employed by an accredited clinical laboratory
  • Laboratory Directors are not eligible
  • Case studies must be summarized on one page (case studies may include graphs if necessary to substantiate a point). All entries must include two documents: The first document should be a cover page which includes your full name, the name and location of your laboratory, your email address and your phone number. The second document should be a summary of your case study.
  • Winners will be required to present their case studies in PowerPoint format
  • For presentation purposes, case studies cannot be longer than 15 minutes
  • Technologists are eligible to submit only ONE case study
  • Case studies submitted must be from one technologist and not from a group
  • A single laboratory can have multiple entries from several technologists
  • Case studies are due by Monday, December 29th, 2014 (no exceptions)
  • Winners will be announced on January 16th, 2015