With AllType™ FASTplex™ assay, your workflow is about to get a lot simpler.

With faster sample-to-sequencing time, less hands-on work, and a streamlined library preparation protocol...

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Define Your DSAs with Greater Confidence

LABScreen™ Single Antigen ExPlex offers the most expansive HLA Antibody test in a Single Well.

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Don't Wonder. Know

Testing for autoantibodies has never been more important as recent studies suggest a potential, long-term detrimental impact. The LABScreen Autoantibody assays allow you to characterize and monitor a broad range of autoantibody targets in human sera.

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SureTyper™ Blood Version 1.2 is Now Available

SureTyper Blood v1.2 is now available to analyze LinkSēq™ RBC, ABO and HPA kits. See new features

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Upgrade to HLA Fusion™ Software 4.4 or HLA Fusion Research Software 6.3

These software updates offer new functionality, feature enhancements, and correct known minor issues.

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What's New in SureTyper 6.1

SureTyper 6.1 contains an enhanced Tray Viewer and Well Viewer interface that allows users to visualize the reactivity of our new multi-targeted assays!  Whether one target is positive, both targets are positive, or the assay is negative, the updated Tray Viewer and Well Viewer in SureTyper 6.1 provides the user with visibility to the reactivity of this enhanced assay design.

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