Patient Voice Series

A Voice for the Transplant Patient and their Families

Each quarter we invite a transplant patient to share their incredible story with our employees. The series provides a unique opportunity to hear firsthand from the patient and their families, and underlines the profound impact our products and services have. These inspirational stories give voice to the patient and reinforce our mission to serve the transplant community.

Women in Transplantion: Taking Leadership in Transplantation to Solve the Organ Shortage Crisis

Through the creation of transplant patient education programs, Dr. Waterman's team is determined to end the organ shortage crisis.

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Amy Waterman

Giving and Receiving the Gift of Life: Mona Castro Shares Her Family's Bittersweet Transplant Story

Mona Castro shared her family’s poignant story of both giving and receiving the gift of life. Mona's daughter, Sara, is a two-time transplant recipient who was born with severe congenital heart disease.

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Mona Castro

The Grief of Unexpected Loss, and the Healing Power of Deciding on Organ Donation

Kim’s experience is a testament to the power of organ donation: not only does it save lives, it can also provide some measure of healing and purpose to families who have suffered terrible loss..

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Kim Payne and Malaikye

The Life-Saving Power of Transplantation and the Need for Further Transplant Innovations

As a heart and kidney recipient, Regina Armstrong demonstrates both the life-saving power of transplantation and the need for further patient care innovations.

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Regina Armstrong

Living Life to the Fullest: Terri Pilawa Shares Her Double Lung Transplant Story

Terri Pilawa shared her story as a lung transplant recipient. Her story is not only one of ups and downs but also a deep sense of gratitude and an incredible will to thrive.

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Terri Pilawa
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