LABScreen Single Antigen ExPlex coming soon!

June 14, 2019

LABScreen™ Single Antigen ExPlex

Introducing the Most Expansive HLA Antibody Test in a Single Well

The powerful next step for HLA donor specific antibody (DSA) testing is coming soon with the new LABScreen Single Antigen ExPlex!

Building on the trusted LABScreen Single Antigen platform, ExPlex offers the most expansive HLA antibody panel ever in a single-well setup! Paired with the original LABScreen SABs, ExPlex provides cutting-edge capabilities with a total of 151 Class I and 119 Class II Common and Well-Documented alleles.

These increased specificities improve the likelihood of detecting additional antibodies, allowing for high definition epitope analysis in HLAMatchmaker and better matching with your molecular donor typing results.

Following the same LABScreen protocol and analysis algorithm, ExPlex can be easily implemented into your laboratory workflow with the LABScan3D.

ExPlex Workflow

Why LABScreen ExPlex?

LABScreen Single Antigen HLA Class I ExPlex
54 Additional SABs

A*01:02 A*02:10 A*26:02
A*02:05 A*02:18 A*26:03
A*02:07 A*03:02  
B*07:14 B*27:06 B*40:03
B*15:04 B*35:02 B*40:04
B*15:06 B*35:03 B*40:05
B*15:07 B*35:08 B*41:02
B*15:17 B*35:12 B*42:02
B*15:18 B*38:02 B*48:02
B*15:20 B*39:02 B*50:02
B*15:21 B*39:04 B*55:02
B*15:24 B*39:05 B*55:04
B*15:27 B*39:06 B*56:03
B*27:04 B*39:13  
C*01:03 C*08:02 C*15:05
C*02:10 C*08:03 C*16:02
C*04:03 C*08:04 C*17:03
C*07:01 C*12:02 C*18:01
C*07:04 C*14:03  

Ask your One Lambda Representative how ExPlex can improve your HLA antibody testing capabilities.