AllType FASTplex NGS Assay is simple, fast, better

With AllType™ FASTplex™ assay, your workflow just got a lot simpler.

With faster sample-to-sequencing time, less hands-on work, and a streamlined library preparation protocol, our AllType™ FASTplex™ assay is so simple that no prior NGS expertise is required to learn the workflow.​ ​

When you’re not running multi-day sequencing tests, what will you do with the extra free time? Discover how you can make your NGS much simpler and your lab a lot more efficient.

Ready to revolutionize your workflow with AllType FASTplex?​

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Key Benefits


One multiplex PCR reaction per sample​

Early sample pooling​

Total hands-on time
<90 minutes​

Sample to Sequencing <7 hours for 24 samples

Simple assay that anyone can learn