Linkage Biosciences URL Change

Looking for the Linkage Biosciences Products?

The LinkSeq Real-Time PCR and SureTyper software products, including related documents and software, are now available on this site. If you are new to our site, we recommend you take some time to familiarize yourself with our layout and navigation. Here are some helpful links to help you get started.

Do I Need to be a Registered User?

Yes. In order to download secured product documentation and software files for these products you will have to be a registered One Lambda website user. We recommend you register now and allow 2 working days to get confirmed. Once you become a registered visitor, you can login from the home page and begin accessing secure content.
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How Do I Find Product Documents and Software?

There are two ways to quickly find support files after you login:

  • Navigate to any product page and select the Product Documentation tab for a list of all related documents and software.
  • In the Site Search box located on the upper right hand corner, click on the drop down arrow, then select Product Documentation Search. The filters allow you to narrow your results and refine by document type.

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How do I Get to the Product Pages?

You can easily access the product pages by using the site search. After you login from the home page, type in the full or partial product name in the Site Search box located in the upper left hand corner. The results returned will include Products, Documents, and Site Content.

For your convenience, the links are provided below: