What Piece Are You Missing?

With a new generation of LABScreen right around the corner, now is the time to make the jump to the LABScan 3D, the most advanced Luminex system ever.

Able to process 500 bead regions simultaneously, LABScan 3D will be the only instrument with the ability to run our newly announced LABScreen Single Antigen supplement kits (in development), a monumental step forward for our LABScreen product family.

Together, the LABScan 3D and the Single Antigen supplement kits (in development) complete the puzzle of patient risk assessment for:
•  Greater coverage
•  Streamlined workflow
•  Better epitope analysis

Upgrade Now & Save

Effective immediately through December 31st, 2018, upgrade to the LABScan3D and save! For information on this limited time offer, please contact your sales representative or email us at 1lambda-sales@thermofisher.com.

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