July 9, 2019

SureTyper™ Blood is Now Available

SureTyper Blood is now available to analyze LinkSēq™ RBC, ABO and HPA kits. Customers can run SureTyper 5.0, SureTyper 6.1 and SureTyper Blood simultaneously on their computers.

Before you install SureTyper Blood, find out if it's right for you.


Who should install?

  • LinkSēq RBC customers must use SureTyper Blood.
  • We recommend LinkSēq ABO* and HPA customers download SureTyper Blood.


* We will discontinue support for LinkSēq for ABO within twelve months.

Who should not install?

  • LinkSēq HPA CE-IVD customers should retain SureTyper 5.0 until SureTyper Blood incorporates HPA kits, since SureTyper Blood and SureTyper 6.1 do not include support for HPA kits.

Easy RBC and RH Analysis via SureTyper Blood

Automatically calls genotype and predicts phenotypes based on the ISBT allele database and proprietary SureTyper algorithm - in seconds. Simple data drill down tools.

SureTyper Blood RBC Main Session Window