November 7, 2019

Upgrade to HLA Fusion™ Software 4.4 or HLA Fusion Research Software 6.3

These software updates offer new functionality, feature enhancements, and correct known minor issues.

What are the Key Features?

HLA Fusion Software 4.4

  • Added HistoTrac integration
    • Launch HLA Fusion analysis from the the related sample in HistoTrac.
    • Import patient and donor information from the HistoTrac application into HLA Fusion.
    • Export reports and screenshots from the HLA Fusion analysis screen that will be linked to the related sample in the HistoTrac database.
  • Added functionality to the HLAMatchmaker Module
    • Unacceptable epitopes are now highlighted.
    • Ability to download sequences from the IMGT website and view all the amino acids in the catalog and from the Sequence Library.
  • 2D CREG map for Antibody Analysis
    • An interactive CREG map chart that displays cross-reactive group information for Class I and Class II

HLA Fusion Software Research 6.3

  • Information Management
    • Additional LABScreen tests may now be included when creating Sample Worklists including combined LABScreen Autoantibody tests (Group 1 + Group 2) and combined LABScreen ExPlex tests (Classic Single Antigen + ExPlex)
  • Added functionality to the LABXpress Module
    • xPONENT 4.3 software now supported for LS3D and LS100 for automation runs.

A complete list of new features can be found in the respective Release Notes located in the Quick Links section in the top right section of this page.

Should I Upgrade?

  • If you are on HLA Fusion 4.3.x or earlier, you should upgrade to 4.4.
  • If you are on HLA Fusion Research 6.2 or earlier, you should upgrade to 6.3.
  • Please review the Release Notes to understand the scope of the changes included in 4.4 and Research 6.3.

How Do I Download the Upgrades?

  • HLA Fusion 4.4 and HLA Fusion Research 6.3 are both available in the Product Documentation section of the HLA Fusion Software webpage.
  • A previous base install of HLA Fusion 4.2 or 6.3.x (for upgrade to 4.4) or HLA Fusion Research 6.X (for upgrade to 6.3) will be required. For more information on how to obtain these base installers, please contact your One Lambda Representative or email us at