December 14, 2018

Upgrade to HLA Fusion™ Software v.4.3 or HLA Fusion Research Software v.6.2

These software updates are our response to our customers' enhancement requests, offering new functionality, enhancements to existing functionality, and the correction of known minor defects.

Before you upgrade, read the Notice section.

What are the Key Features?

  • Added functionality to the HLAMatchmaker Module
    • Ability to view 3D protein structures with highlighted eplets.
    • Addition of Reaction Tables and Positive Summary tables.
  • Ability to define locus-specific cutoffs for LABScreen Single Antigen assays
  • Compatible database between versions.

A complete list of new features can be found in the respective Release Notes located in the Quick Links section in the top right section of this page.

Should I Upgrade?

  • If you are on HLA Fusion v4.2 or earlier, you should upgrade to v4.3.
  • If you are interested in HLAMatchmaker functionality, you need HLA Fusion v4.2 or newer.
  • If you are on HLA Fusion Research v6.1 or earlier, you should upgrade to v6.2.
  • If you are interested in LABScreen Autoantibody testing, you need to upgrade to HLA Fusion Research v6.0 or newer)
  • If you require Windows 10 compatibility, then you should upgrade.


NOTICE: Before You Upgrade...

HLA Fusion v4.4 is expected to be released in early 2019 and will also contain all upgrades in v4.3 plus more. We are collaborating with SystemLink for the seamless integration of HLA Fusion and HistoTrac which will enable future two-way data transfer and interface capabilities between these two applications. 

Please take this into consideration when assessing your desire to upgrade HLA Fusion Software.


How Do I Download the Upgrades?

  • HLA Fusion v4.3 and HLA Fusion Research v6.2 are both available in the Product Documentation section of the HLA Fusion webpage.
  • A previous base install of HLA Fusion v4.2 (for upgrade to v4.3) or HLA Fusion Research v.6.0 (for upgrade to v6.2) will be required. For more information on how to obtain these base installers, please contact your One Lambda Representative or email us at