April 17, 2019

What's New in SureTyper 6.1

SureTyper 6.1 contains an enhanced Tray Viewer and Well Viewer interface that allows users to visualize the reactivity of our new multi-targeted assays!  Whether one target is positive, both targets are positive, or the assay is negative, the updated Tray Viewer and Well Viewer provides the user with visibility to the reactivity of this enhanced assay design.

Before you upgrade, find out if this version is right for you.


Who should upgrade?

  • We strongly recommend all current SABR customers download SureTyper 6.1 in order to benefit from the highest resolution SABR kits. The latest enhanced resolution kits cannot be analyzed with SureTyper 5.0.
  • All other current LinkSēq HLA and KIR customers are also recommended to upgrade for user experience enhancements

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Who should not upgrade?

  • LinkSēq HPA customers should retain SureTyper 5.0 until the launch of SureTyper Blood (supporting HPA and ABO), as SureTyper 6.0 does not include support for HPA kits.
  • Customers can run SureTyper 5.0 and SureTyper 6.1 simultaneously on their computers




New Tray and Well Viewer for multi-targeted assays

SureTyper Screen - no HLA targets detected

Example of no HLA target amplification within a well

In this example, only the internal control has amplified. This is the expected result if neither of the two HLA targets are detected in either Tm window. In this example, the selected well contains both a DR and an A locus-targeted assay.

SureTyper Screen - one or two HLA targets in a well

Example of one or two HLA target amplification within a well

In the example on the left, two HLA targets, for both DR and A locus are amplified. In the example on the right, there is only one HLA target, for A locus, that is amplified.  When only one of two HLA targets is amplified, only the peak corresponding to the HLA target will appear, while the internal control is not expected to appear.