June 28, 2021

TypeStream™ Visual NGS Analysis Software - Version 2.1

We are pleased to announce the release of TypeStream Visual NGS Analysis Software v2.1. This software update encompasses enhancements, the correction of known minor defects and is designed to be the most advanced version of TypeStream Visual software to-date.

Key Version Highlights:

  • Supports AllType™ FASTplex™ NGS lots including Class II Exon 1 (upon product availability).
    • TSV v2.1 will be required for use of AllType FASTplex NGS, Lot 002 and later. 
  • The NGS Calculator tool is provided within TSV for ION and Illumina for AllType FASTplex Lot 002 and above. The supplementary Excel “AllType Calculation Tool” is not required for these lots. 
  • Provides a two-way direct interface with HistoTrac for improved data integration. 
  • Review the Release Notes for a complete list of v2.1 enhancements.


Should I Upgrade?

One Lambda recommends that all current users of TypeStream Visual Software upgrade to version 2.1 to ensure the most favorable experience.

How Do I Download the Upgrades?

  • For current TypeStream Visual users, v2.1 is available on the Product Documentation section of the TypeStream Visual product page.
  • For first-time TypeStream Visual users, please note that TypeStream Visual - Version 2.1 requires a previous installation of TypeStream Visual software to function. Please contact your One Lambda Representative or email us at 1lambda-order@thermofisher.com to obtain a free copy of TypeStream Visual NGS Software.
  • Current or first-time users can also obtain TypeStream Visual Version 2.1 User Documentation using the Product Documentation hyperlink above.