April 29, 2016


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First Antibody Detection Webinar Broadcast

On Tuesday, February 23rd, we presented the first in a series of educational webinars planned for this year. This webinar focused on TRALI mitigation and featured a presentation by Undine Schulz, PhD, HLA lab director for German Red Cross Blood Donor Service Northeast. Her presentation was titled ‘Evaluation of the Microbeads Assay LABScreen MULTI for Granulocyte Antibody Detection to improve the Prevention of TRALI.'...

NXType NGS Assay workflow on the Ion S5 System

The NXType Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) assay has now been optimized to take full advantage of the speed, simplicity and scalability of the Ion S5 System platform. NXType assays on the Ion S5 delivers first pass, high-resolution HLA genotyping of Class I and Class II loci, taking you from sample to results in less than three days...

One Lambda SmartType™

Coming in June - One Lambda SmartType™- bringing a new degree of accuracy to Real-Time PCR in HLA typing...

Create a More Complete Patient Antibody Profile

Our new, expanded coverage for LABScreen Single Antigen Supplement kits give you the power to develop even more complete antibody profiles for your patients...

Product Updates

  • Luminex® xPONENT® Software v 4.2 for the LABScan 100 now available
  • SeCore™ SBT Class I Kits with extended coverage coming soon
  • LABType™ XR and CWD Release Schedule Updated


Training & Special Events

  • Palm Springs Advanced Technical Workshop – Celebrating 30 years of education in HLA and Transplantation.
  • TRALI Webinar featuring Undine Schulz, PhD.
  • Future Webinars
  • Upcoming Events