November 6, 2018

HLA Connect | NOV 2018



One Lambda Booth at ASHI

HLA Leaders Join One Lambda at ASHI 2018

We had a great time at this year’s Annual ASHI Meeting in Baltimore! Special thanks to those who dropped by our booth to learn what’s new for 2019 or simply to say hi. In case you missed it, we wanted to share a few of the highlights from the meeting. We kicked off the week with our Monday morning workshop covering several topics of interest to the HLA lab.  Dr. Aiwen Zhang and Dawn Thomas from the Cleveland Clinic discussed their labs implementation of...

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Introducing a New Generation of LABScreen Single Antigen

One of our biggest announcements at this year’s ASHI meeting was our all new LABScreen Single Antigen Supplement kits (currently in development.) During our Managing Antibody Mediated Rejections ASHI lunch symposium, Dr. Debra KuKuruga showcased how she employed this industry technological advancement to finally overcome the traditional 100 bead region limit for our LABScreen products, making this an important step forward for antibody detection...

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HLA Fusion Software and HistoTrac Software Integration

At last year’s ASHI Meeting in San Francisco, Dr. Robert Bray, of Emory University Hospital, brought to our attention the challenges his lab faces when managing test results between One Lambda’s HLA Fusion Software and SystemLink’s HistoTrac Software. We recognized an opportunity for improvement and immediately set to work with Dr. Bray and SystemLink to find a solution...

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Meet Your Mismatch with HLAMatchmaker

With the release of HLA Fusion 4.2 in early 2018, HLAMatchmaker was added as a new module. This allows users to conduct Epitope Matching and Epitope Analysis using patient and donor typing information along with single antigen results stored in and produced by HLA Fusion...



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