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HLA Leaders Join One Lambda at ASHI 2018

One Lambda Staff in ASHI Booth

We had a great time at this year’s Annual ASHI Meeting in Baltimore! Special thanks to those who dropped by our booth to learn what’s new for 2019 or simply to say hi. In case you missed it, we wanted to share a few of the highlights from the meeting.


ASHI conferenceWe kicked off the week with our Monday morning workshop covering several topics of interest to the HLA lab.  Dr. Aiwen Zhang and Dawn Thomas from the Cleveland Clinic discussed their labs implementation of our new LABScreen™ Autoantibody assay and shared new insights into the role of non-HLA antibodies.  Russell Martin from Kashi Clinical Laboratories provided a lab manager’s perspective on the advantages and challenges of introducing NGS into the HLA laboratory.  We closed the workshop with review of five case studies to highlight the utility of HLA Matchmaker and its impact on antibody analysis.

Dr. Hiroko Shike joined us at our Tuesday symposia where she shared her lab’s experience introducing NGS for HLA typing. Dr Shike's livestreamed presentation detailed her lab’s validation period of only two months and showcased the technical advantages of NGS over conventional typing methods. Dr. Cathi Murphey Half wrapped up by discussing the advantages of utilizing ABO molecular typing.  In her talk, Dr. Murphey explored how molecular typing has the potential for increasing the number of viable matches by identifying acceptable mismatches.

Dr. Debra KuKuruga and Dr. Chris Wiebe led our Wednesday symposia on new developments in managing antibody mediated rejections. Dr. KuKuruga's livestreamed presentation examined preliminary results using our all-new LABScreen Single Antigen Supplement kit that is currently in development.  She is looking forward to adopting the new kits in her lab to simplify the workflow and reduce the time to results. Dr. Wiebe followed up her talk by sharing his own experience with epitope analysis using the recently added HLAMatchmaker in HLA Fusion Software.

Robert Bray holding an in-booth discussion

If you missed these excellent talks, you can view the recorded livestreams here:
HLA Typing by NGS for Beginners – Our Two Month Validation by Dr. Hiroko Shike ❯ 
Applications of Expanded Single Antigen Antibody Testing by Dr. Debra Kukuruga ❯ 


In addition to the symposia, we also hosted two in-booth presentations led by Dr. Robert Bray who showcased our latest partnership with System Link with the full integration of HLA Fusion Software into the HistoTrac software and Dr. Bryne Ulmschneider gave a preview of the upcoming release of our SureTyper software.


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