Newsletter | NOV 2018


HLA Fusion Software and HistoTrac Software Integration

HLA Fusion print screenManaging your patient data has never been easier now that One Lambda and SystemLink are partnering to develop fully integrated software solutions.

At last year’s ASHI Meeting in San Francisco, Dr. Robert Bray, of Emory University Hospital, brought to our attention the challenges his lab faces when managing test results between One Lambda’s HLA Fusion Software and SystemLink’s HistoTrac Software.  We recognized an opportunity for improvement and immediately set to work with Dr. Bray and SystemLink to find a solution. 

At this year’s ASHI Meeting, with the help of Dr. Bray, we were happy to announce a future release of HLA Fusion which will enable bidirectional interface & integration capabilities with a future release of SystemLink’s HistoTrac. The new interface & integration will allow for the following functionality:


  1. Users will be able to select test-level results from within HistoTrac, which will then queue the HLA Fusion interface to open directly to the test result that was selected in HistoTrac.
  2. HLA Fusion will have the capability to send screenshots and reports from HLA Fusion over to the test-level result in HistoTrac.  These screenshots and reports can then be opened directly within the HistoTrac interface.
  3. HistoTrac will have the capability to send patient and donor typing results directly to HLA Fusion’s Patient Management module, where the results can be directly incorporated into HLA Fusion modules such as Single Antigen Analysis, Antibody Tracking, and HLAMatchmaker.
    This HLA Fusion-HistoTrac solution is slated for release in early 2019.

SystemLink has also announced the availability of a direct database connection between their HistoTrac software and One Lambda’s TypeStream Visual NGS Analysis Software. Users of both applications can now benefit from the capability to quickly and easily transfer AllType NGS results directly from TypeStream Visual into HistoTrac. Please contact your SystemLink representative for more information on how you can use HistoTrac to simplify your AllType NGS data workflow.


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