Newsletter | NOV 2018


Meet Your Mismatch with HLAMatchmaker

3D proteinWith the release of HLA Fusion 4.2 in early 2018, HLAMatchmaker was added as a new module.  This allows users to conduct Epitope Matching and Epitope Analysis using patient and donor typing information along with single antigen results stored in and produced by HLA Fusion. 

In collaboration with Dr. Duquesnoy, we’ve integrated the enhanced module enabling you to review HLA antibodies at the eplet level and define potential eplet mismatches directly from your HLA Fusion analysis screen. With the soon-to-be-released HLA Fusion 4.3, we have improved upon this integration by adding new capabilities to the HLAMatchmaker functionality.  Early feedback from our User Group sessions during ASHI 2018 has been positive.  HLA Fusion 4.3 will be available in Q4 2018.



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