Applications and Techniques

Expanded Single Antigen Bead Testing

The powerful next step for HLA donor specific antibody (DSA) testing is available with the new LABScreen Single Antigen ExPlex!

Next-Generation Sequencing

The AllType workflow offers the flexibility of platform-specific barcoding to allow for sequencing on the Ion GeneStudio S5 and Illumina MiSeq platforms.

Blood Genotyping

LinkSēq™ Blood Genotyping Brings the Resolution, Speed and Simplicity you Need with Real-Time PCR for RBC, ABO and HPA Genotyping.

Crossmatch Testing with Selective Detection

FlowDSA-XM simplifies the complexity of conventional crossmatch testing with clear results.

Autoantibody Detection

The LABScreen Autoantibody assays allow you to characterize and monitor a broad range of autoantibody targets in human sera.

Microarray Biopsy

MMDx is a central diagnostic system that uses microarrays to measure transcript levels in organ biopsies and assign quantitative scores to stratify rejection and injury risk

TRALI Mitigation

Are you in compliance with the new AABB standard for TRALI mitigation? Have confidence in your results with tools from the HLA antibody experts

Detect and Characterize DSA

How do you Characterize DSA? Recognize Transplant DSA, Identify Deleterious DSA, and Calculate Epitope Load for Potential Chronic Rejection


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