How do you Characterize DSA?

Recognize Transplant DSA


The association of de novo DSA with subsequent graft loss suggests that screening for DSA post-transplant and early intervention could improve graft outcomes.


LABScreen Single Antigen Plot
Wiebe C, et al. Am J Transplant, 2015 (Click to zoom)

Identify Deleterious DSA


Routine monitoring of DSA post-transplantation and its characterization as C1q-fixing antibodies, may provide prognostic information for acute rejection after heart transplantation.


C1qScreen Plot
Farrero Torres M, et al. Clin Transplant, 2017 (Click to zoom)

Calculate Epitope Load for Potential Chronic Rejection


“HLA-DR or -DQ eplet mismatch thresholds outperformed traditional whole-antigen HLA-DR or -DQ mismatch (zero, one, or two mismatches) to predict Class II dnDSA-free survival post-transplant.”


HLAMatchMaker Plot
Wiebe, et al. JASN 2017 (Click to zoom)