Are You Developing CAR-T Therapies?


Ask about our HLA Monoclonal Antibodies and Hybridomas.

One Lambda, Inc., has an extensive collection of HLA monoclonal antibodies from mouse hybridomas that we created and continue to maintain in-house. These monoclonal antibodies were initially developed for the production of the HLA Tissue Typing Trays for matching transplant donors and recipients. Subsequently we have expanded the line to offer FITC-conjugated, biotinylated, and unconjugated monoclonal antibodies for flow cytometry and many other research purposes. Our monoclonal inventory covers the majority of all HLA Class I and Class II specificities and we continue to dedicate significant resources to the characterization of the variable regions responsible for the HLA specificities of the antibody. We also have created recombinant HLA single antigens for most specificities that can be used to test the interactions between the variable regions and the ligand.

If you are developing CAR-T therapies and looking for a valuable source of HLA monoclonal antibodies, we can help.

Contact:    Paul Tausch

Vice President Business Segment
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