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Because of its pivotal role in the immune response to pathogens, researchers are currently investigating the role HLA variation plays in a patient’s risk for developing COVID-19. Our AllType™ and AllType™ FASTplex™each offer a complete NGS solution that delivers high-resolution genotyping for all eleven Class I and Class II HLA loci. With our TypeStream™ Visual 2.0 NGS Analysis Software, analysis is easier than ever with reports generated in just two clicks!

Why choose the AllType FASTplex NGS solution?


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AllType FASTplex – A Simple, Fast, and Better Workflow

NGS is complicated but your library preparation doesn’t have to be. Simplify your workflow with our new AllType FASTplex method. This assay eliminates most of the pipetting, purification, and quantification steps required by traditional methods, providing you with the convenience of multiplex PCR paired with unprecedented workflow simplicity. By pooling amplicons into a single tube in the first hour, libraries can be prepared for sequencing with minimal hands-on time allowing you to load your sequencer in under seven hours and generate results in 1.5 days or less.​


AllType FASTplex flexible 2-day workflow for Illumina

AllType FASTplex flexible 2-day workflow for Ion Torrent



AllType NGS – Streamlined Next Generation Sequencing Solution

By amplifying all major Class I and Class II loci in a single PCR reaction, our AllType NGS Assay completely removes the need for amplicon pooling and allows samples to be transferred directly to library preparation and made ready for sequencing in a single workday.

Multiplex Gene Coverage for AllType FASTplex and AllType NGS Assays ❯


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Sequencing Flexibility

Our new AllType FASTplex assays have been optimized for use with both Ion Torrent™ and Illumina® based sequencing chemistries. Supported sequencing platforms include the Illumina MiSeq®, MiniSeq®, iSeq® 100 and Ion GeneStudio S5 sequencing systems.

The AllType workflow offers the flexibility of platform-specific barcoding to allow for sequencing on Illumina® or Ion Torrent™ based sequencing platforms. The speed and automation of the Ion Chef™ and Ion GeneStudio™ S5 sequencing system delivers efficiency and reliability.


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Analysis is Quicker, Easier, and More Intuitive than Ever 

The flexible design of TypeStream Visual supports the analysis of single read and paired-end sequencing and allows you to combine high resolution typing results with other HLA data types in HLA Fusion™. Our new TypeStream Visual NGS Analysis Software Version 2.0 is now easier, faster and more integrated than ever. Enjoy fully automated analysis, a streamlined graphic user interface, and simplified data exportation to HLA Fusion with only three clicks of the mouse!


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Expert NGS Genotyping Support

As the leader in HLA for over 30 years, we provide comprehensive hands-on user training and unparalleled customer support. Our NGS Workshops introduce researchers to next-generation sequencing technology and allow users to practice the entire workflow. Our Field Applications Team offers expert NGS genotyping support for more advanced users. Our customers are our number one priority and we're proud to support the complete NGS workflow from reagents to instruments and software. We're here for you every step of the way.


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