Discover a simple, fast, and integrated solution for high-resolution genotyping!

Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) is a powerful technology offering high resolution typing with greater sample throughput. Nonetheless, many labs find it difficult to adopt due to the increased complexity, dedicated labor requirements and data management challenges.

Designed for simplicity and efficiency, our AllType™ FASTplex™ NGS Assay makes NGS accessible and achievable for any laboratory. The assay’s advanced chemistry and comprehensive coverage is complemented by a streamlined workflow for minimal hands-on time and supported by intuitive software for easy sample auditing and enhanced data integration.


Quality With Less Complexity

The AllType FASTplex chemistry has been enhanced to improve performance, robustness, and reliability. With the newly added Class II exon 1 primer mix, the AllType FASTplex reagents reduce ambiguities, provide comprehensive coverage across 11 loci, and generate highly concordant results at 99.8% or higher, all in a single PCR reaction.


Workflow Simplicity and Reduced Hands-On Time

The assay will enhance your lab’s efficiency with reduced labor, pipetting, and risk of contamination. By combining fragmentation and barcoding steps into a single reaction, the workflow allows for samples to be pooled early in the protocol so that library preparation can completed in a single tube.

The protocol has been designed for simplicity, easy implementation, and greater cross-training in the lab. From start to finish, the workflow can be performed in under 7 hours with less than 90 minutes of hands-on time.


Streamlined Software for Automated Analysis

Using our TypeStream™ Visual NGS Analysis Software, analysis of your results will begin automatically while you’re away from your desk. The interface has been upgraded for intuitive navigation and easy sample auditing. The analysis speed itself is scalable according to the needs of your lab.


Intuitive Data Integration

For the first time, the TypeStream Visual software now includes bi-directional communication with the SystemLink™ HistoTrac™ System, enabling the seamless transfer of results between both systems for better data management, reduced transcription errors, and optimized reporting.

Your results can also be combined in our HLA Fusion™ Software for advanced analytics, such as antibody tracking, crossmatching, and epitope analysis.

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