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Are you in compliance with the new AABB standard for TRALI mitigation?

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Affecting all members, the AABB Board of Directors issued standard
“Plasma, Apheresis Platelets, and Whole Blood for allogeneic transfusion shall be from males, females who have not been pregnant, or females who have been tested since their most recent pregnancy and results interpreted as negative for HLA antibodies”


For over 30 years, One Lambda has remained the leader in HLA antibody screening. Learn how our assays can help your lab adhere to the new standard.

LABScreen Multi®

Advanced TRALI mitigation through HLA and HNA detection

LABScreen Multi* is the only FDA cleared assay for the simultaneous detection of HLA and HNA antibodies that meets and exceeds this AABB standard. Optimized for the transfusion medicine community, LABScreen Multi can maximize your pool by retaining more donors without compromising patient safety.

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LABScreen Mixed®

Simple HLA antibody screening provides reliable results you need

LABScreen Mixed* offers a cost-effective and established solution for HLA antibody testing that can satisfy this AABB standard. FDA cleared LABScreen Mixed offers an easy, efficient approach to antibody screening. Get the results you need reliably with this proven method.

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