LinkSeq for RBC, HPA, and ABO

LinkSēq™ Blood Genotyping Brings the Resolution, Speed and Simplicity you Need with Real-Time PCR for RBC, ABO and HPA Genotyping

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For fast, easy, and comprehensive molecular genotyping, we introduce the LinkSeq portfolio for blood genotyping: LinkSeq RBC and RH, LinkSeq ABO, and LinkSeq HPA typing kits.


Results in 90 minutes, just 10 minutes hands-on time. No chips, gels, SNP reaction tables or proprietary instruments.

LinkSēq real-time PCR molecular antigen typing overcomes the major challenges of molecular typing by providing a robust, automated approach that increases laboratory productivity, reduces turn-around time and provides easy-to-interpret results with additional tools for genotyping experts.

LinkSēq was designed over 10 years ago for a faster, easier, simpler approach to complex HLA genotyping. Contact us to learn how how your blood lab can benefit from LinkSēq for blood genotyping.



Why LinkSēq for Blood Genotyping?

Full Genotyping Suite


Red Blood Cell (RBC) — Build antigen profiles for 13 blood groups systems, including RhD and RhCE, plus Hemoglobin.

ABO — Identify more non-A1 phenotypes by subgrouping typing results. Also resolves B versus Bweak, O1 versus O2 and more.

HPA — Identify antigens 1-11, and 15.