LABScreen COVID Plus to detect COVID-19 antibodies alongside HLA antibodies

A Powerful Solution for More Accurate COVID-19 Antibody Detection

LABScreen COVID Plus Video

Video | See COVID-19 Antibodies Through a Better Lens

Take a trip inside the human body to see a patient's response to COVID-19 and how the LABScreen™ COVID Plus assay can help measure the presence of five antibodies.


Detect COVID-19 Antibodies for a More Complete Antibody Profile

Research has identified five antibodies, which are developed in response to portions of two COVID-19 antigens, that may be useful for providing a broader picture of the humoral response.

About two weeks after infection, antibodies will present at detectable levels. Many COVID-19 antibody tests are designed to detect 1-2 antibodies, which can indicate whether a patient has been exposed to the virus and may provide sufficient information for the general population.

However, transplant patients and potential living donors need more clarity. A broader view of the immune response may clarify whether the patient has developed protective antibodies to the COVID-19 virus and may reveal if the patient's HLA antibody profile has changed, as can happen with similar viral infections(1).

Assay Indicates the Presence of Five SARS-CoV-2 Targets

A Multiplex Bead-Based Solution for COVID-19 Antibody Detection

The LABScreen™ COVID Plus assay is the most comprehensive COVID-19 antibody test with five unique targets and, along with HLA antibody testing, is designed to deliver a complete picture of the patient's antibody profile.

Using Luminex's xMAP technology, this multiplex semi-quantitative assay can simultaneously detect the presence of 5 SARS-CoV-2 targets present in a patient's blood: the spike, S1, S2, receptor-binding domain, and nucleocapsid fragments.

For informational purposes only, the panel also includes additional targets for seasonal coronaviruses, SARS, and MERS, which may be cross reactive and cause false positives in other tests.

The assay was developed by leading researchers in histocompatibility, nephrology, transplantation, and infectious diseases to provide deeper insight into the immune response to SARS-CoV-2. Turaround time for the assay, which can be run in parallel with our LABScreen Single Antigen panel, is two to three hours.