Taking Flow Crossmatching to the Next Level

FlowDSA-XM™ simplifies the complexity of conventional crossmatch testing with clear results.


The assay combines traditional flow cytometry with microbeads technology. Together, these proven technologies distinguish human leukocyte antigen antibodies from autoantibodies, allowing you to obtain selective detection in the first run.

PGM Demonstration

Webinar: Moving FCXM into the Future
with FlowDSA-XM (Recorded 2017 Jun 22)

What’s New in Flow Cytometry Crossmatching

Cathi Murphey Ph.D., D(ABHI) | Southwest Immunodiagnostics
San Antonio, Texas


After incubating lymphocytes with human serum, any bound IgG on the cell surface is tagged with PE labeled anti-human IgG. FlowDSA-XM Capture Beads bind selectively with the resulting antibody, antigen, and PE-anti-IgG complex and measures the fluorescent intensity to indicate the relative amount of leukocyte antibody present in the serum.


FlowDSA-XM Workflow


For Research Use Only. Not for uuse in diagnostic procedures.

This product is not intended for the diagnosis, prevention, or treatment of disease or to aid in clinical decision making process. This product is not cleared or approved for use by the US FDA nor is this product CE marked.