Need to measure transcript levels in biopsies?

Molecular Microscope Diagnostics System (MMDx) is new microarray biopsy service.

MMDx is a central diagnostic system that uses a MyGeneChip™ Custom Microarray from Thermo Fisher Scientific to measure transcript levels in biopsies, apply algorithms and compare algorithm results to a set of reference biopsies. The system complements conventional biopsy processing to improve the assessment of rejection and injury in transplanted organs. In addition, it can provide theranostics support for drug development and use.

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Kashi Clinical Laboratories, Inc., a CLIA licensed CAP accredited laboratory located in Portland, Oregon, has recently adopted this technology. This Laboratory Based Service will be offered by Kashi in collaboration with TSI for processing of sample biopsies in the US. Kashi Clinical Laboratories is licensed in all states, including New York, California and Florida.

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Palmetto GBA has issued a new LCD that supports molecular testing for solid organ allograft rejection, enabling the use of tests like MMDx®.

Read more about how this LCD offers an avenue to reimbursement for MMDx, a powerful post-transplant monitoring technology.



For Research Use Only. Not for uuse in diagnostic procedures.

MMDx is not intended to provide information for the diagnosis, prevention or treatment of disease or to aid in the clinical decision making process. This system is not cleared or approved for clinical use by the FDA or approved in the EU as an in vitro diagnostic test, nor is it CE marked.