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Available Software:
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This site was designed for high speed downloads of major software releases. By accessing this site, you will be able to download full versions of HLA Fusion Software. Please be aware that you must be logged in to view the software that is available in your region.



What software files can be found here?

  • Major Software Releases - Only the latest full versions of software can be found here. Intermediate software releases, analysis files, and product documentation will continue to be accessed in the Product Documentation tab of the related product pages.
  • Region Specific - This site is region specific and will only display software versions that are released for your specific region.


How do I activate my software?

Software posted on this site can be downloaded at any time and includes an 11-day temporary license that will allow you to begin your evaluation immediately upon installation. A software Activation Key will be required to run the application beyond the 11-day evaluation period.

To order new versions of software and request an Activation Key you must:
  1. Place an Order - Contact your One Lambda Sales representative to order an Activate Key for the latest software version. Once the order has been processed an order confirmation including the Activation Key will be emailed directly to you.
  2. Activate Software - Upon initial startup, you will be prompted to enter the Activate Key to enjoy full access to your software. You will have eleven (11) days to enter the Activation Key before the software locks up.
  3. Offline Activation - If the computer being upgraded does not have internet access you can use the Activation Software portal to activate your software. For more information about this or any other issues review the software Installation Guide or contact Technical Support.


Didn't find what your looking for?

Software service packs, hotfixes, and product specific software analysis files can be found under the Product Documentation tab of their related product pages.