2020 Featured Videos


Anat Tambur Webinar

Eligible for 1.0 CEC

The Quest to Decipher HLA Immunogenicity: Telling Friend from Foe

Anat R. Tambur, DMD, PhD, D(ABHI)  | Northwestern University

Matthew Cusick Webinar

Eligible for 1.0 CEC

The Kinetics of Anti-HLA Antibody in Simultaneous Liver-Kidney Transplantation

Matthew Cusick, PhD, D(ABHI) | Michigan Medicine, Michigan USA

Gerald Morris Webinar

Eligible for 1.0 CEC

Allele-specific DSA: Lessons from SAB and NGS

Gerald P. Morris, MD, PhD | University of California, San Diego

FASTplex Workshop

Eligible for 1.0 CEC

Virtual Workshop | Introduction to the AllType FASTplex Protocol

Peter Brescia | Thermo Fisher Scientific


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