Are Dilutions the Solution? Identifying the True Extent of Patient Sensitization

Wednesday, July 21, 2021
8:00 am PDT | 11:00 am EDT (1 hour)
Online (Time Zone Converter)

Dr. Mark Stegall

Mark D. Stegall, MD

Clinician Investigator, Department of Surgery
Mayo Clinic

Dr. Anat Tambur

Anat Tambur, DMD, PhD, D(ABHI)

Transplant Immunology Laboratory Director; Research Professor
Northwestern University

In this presentation, Mark D. Stegall, MD, with Mayo Clinic and Anat Tambur, PhD, with Northwestern University will discuss the use of serial dilutions to estimate the amount of anti-HLA antibody in patient serum. They’ll also explore the utility of serial dilution measurements in identifying patients for whom current desensitization strategies are unlikely to be successful.


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