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LABScreen COVID Plus video

See COVID-19 Antibodies Through a Better Lens

Research has identified five antibodies, which are developed in response to portions of two COVID-19 antigens, that may be useful for providing a broader picture of the humoral response. The LABScreen COVID Plus assay is the only panel for COVID-19 antibody detection that, along with HLA antibody testing, can deliver a complete picture of the patient’s antibody profile.

LinkSeq Blood Genotyping video

LinkSēq™ Portfolio for Blood Genotyping

For fast, easy, and comprehensive molecular genotyping, we introduce the LinkSeq portfolio for blood genotyping: LinkSeq RBC and RH, LinkSeq ABO, and LinkSeq HPA typing kits.

AllType NGS Solution video

AllType NGS – A Complete NGS Solution

Bring speed and simplicity to genotyping in your laboratory using the AllType NGS 11-Loci Amplification Kit.

LABScan3D multiplex analyzer video

LABScan3D™ – the most advanced multiplex flow analyzer

Learn how the LABScan3D™ technology processes LABScreen™ antibody detection and LABType™ molecular typing assays for HLA antibody screening, detection of DSA, profiling complement binding antibodies, and HLA typing of Class I/II alleles.