FlowDSA-XM assay is a flow cytometry based crossmatch assay optimized for the detection of leukocyte antibodies. Combining traditional flow cytometry cellular crossmatch testing with the specificity of microbeads technology, FlowDSA-XM selectively distinguishes leukocyte antibodies from autoantibodies.

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Features & Benefits

  • Crossmatch testing that distinguishes leukocyte antibodies from autoantibodies
  • Compatible with most standard single-laser flow cytometers
  • Works with lymphocytes from fresh or frozen sources (peripheral blood, lymph nodes, or spleen)
  • Familiar workflow




For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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Catalog #
Product Name
25 tests

Full specification
HLA Class I & II
Product Name FlowDSA-XM
Regulatory For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
Use Product contains pooled panel of microparticles with anti-HLA Class I and II antibodies to distinguish leukocyte antibodies from autoantibodies.
Package Includes Capture Beads, Lysis/Stain Buffer, and Wash Buffers
Shipping Considerations Dry Ice
Storage Temperature -65° C or below
Amount 25 tests
Technique Flow cytometry
Product Type Reagents

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