LAT™ Single Antigen

This ELISA-based assay detects and defines HLA antibodies in high PRA patients. Formatted on Terasaki trays, each purified HLA single antigen is coated in one well, allowing it to identify less common specificities that may be obscured by antibodies produced against the higher frequency antigens.

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  • Identifies masked HLA antibodies
  • Can be used as supplemental test for high PRA patients
  • Convenient Terasaki tray format with small volume of reagents required



For In Vitro Diagnostic Use.

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Catalog #
Product Name
Lambda Antigen Tray™ Single Antigen Class I
For In Vitro Diagnostic Use.
96-well, 1 test/tray
20 tests

Full specification
HLA Class I
Product Name Lambda Antigen Tray™ Single Antigen Class I
Format 96-well, 1 test/tray
Regulatory For In Vitro Diagnostic Use.
Use Contains pre-calibrated ELISA reagents for the detection of masked HLA antibodies to 88 HLA Class I antigens in human serum. Each affinity-purified Class I single antigen is coated in one well of a Terasaki tray.
Package Includes 20 - trays, Serum control (0.2 ml vial), Sterile deionized water (1 ml bottle), Alkaline phosphatase conjugated anti-human IgG 100X (0.3 ml), Antibody diluent (50 ml bottle), Wash buffer 10X (125 ml bottle), Colorimetric enzyme substrate (15 ml bottle), Stop reagent (25 ml bottle)
Shipping Considerations Cold pack
Storage Temperature 2° to 8° C
Amount 20 tests

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