The FlowPRA product line offers screening, specific antibody, and single antigen detection assays using flow cytometry. Both the FlowPRA Screening and Specific tests can assign Percent Panel Reactive Antibody (PRA), while FlowPRA Specific tests assign antibody specificity. FlowPRA Single Antigen tests assist in the analysis of specificities, especially in high PRA sera.

FlowPRA™ Ancillary Products

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Ancillary products for use with FlowPRA such as control beads and serum, Adsorb Out, wash buffer, and reagent pack.

FlowPRA™ Screening

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The FlowPRA® Screening Tests can be used as a first test to detect HLA Class I antibodies and percent PRA in human sera using flow cytometry.

FlowPRA™ Single Antigen  

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Practical for identifying acceptable antigens prior to a solid organ transplant and for pre- and post-transplant screening, the FlowPRA Single Antigen products were created to…

FlowPRA™ Specific

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These assays calculate percent PRA and identifies specific HLA antibody with accuracy, using flow cytometry.