Automated Pipettors/Dispensers

Bring automation to new a level with the LABXpress™ Pipettor—supports faster processing time, enhances automation and is optimal for high throughput testing.

When your laboratory staff is pressed for time, the Lambda Jet™ system streamlines procedures by systematically dispensing reagents into Terasaki Typing Trays and a variety of microtiter plates (96, 192, 384 wells).

LABXpress™ Pipettor 

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The LABXpress Pipettor handles dispensing and mixing with precision and ease. Perfect for high throughput testing, LABXpress reduces turnaround time and enhances automation.…

LinkSēq™ VIAFLO ASSIST Liquid Handler Kit

Catalog #: AC-300

The LinkSēq VIAFLO ASSIST Liquid handler is optimized to dispense precise liquid volumes.